Let's spread knowledge about speaking at tech conferences in order to increase the diversity of voices we hear & improve access to speaking opportunities.


Hourlong (or 1.5 hrs) session with the first 30-45 minutes being loose interview format with a selected guest and the rest being an open discussion with that guest, the interviewer, and anyone else who shows up. Probably held on Discord. Interview will be posted somewhere afterwards (podcast? Youtube? idk)


TBD, but 5-10 standard questions and 5-10 additional questions in case the conversation stalls. No need to rigidly adhere to the format, but it might make things interesting to be able to identify patterns or changes over time to folks' answers?


You! We're barely getting started, and trying to build a community is hard. Find us at @callinforpapers on Twitter and reach out. We'll probably have a Discord chat for things, and will share more info as it's available!

If you're interested in interviewing someone to be on the show, please reach out on Twitter or Discord. We're getting things together to record a few episodes to iron out the format, and we're excited for you to hear what's in store!